What makes TPT Golf shafts different from any other shaft on the market is that they’re created with an Automated Process from start to finish. Every step is mapped out on software that we developed in house, which ensures we’re creating shaft profiles that will perform at the highest possible level for their target golfer type.

But there’s no question that the most important step in our manufacturing process is what we call “Continuous Fiber,” a patented technology that redefines what it means to create a high-performance shaft.

After we create our preform, we cut it into thin strips that are 1-inch wide and load it into rolls. As you might remember, these preform strips are composed of multiple layers of carbon fiber prepreg that have been created specifically for a specific shaft profile.

These rolls of 1-inch material, which are known as “tapes,” are then “wound” onto our shaft mandrels in a continuous pattern that’s similar to a “wrap-style” golf grip. Remember, our material is not rolled or wrapped onto the mandrel by hand. It’s precisely applied with Continuous Fiber: robot-driven, software-driven machinery we developed specifically to create TPT shafts. This achieves two important things:

  1. It eliminates the areas of overlap that create “seams” or “spines” in golf shafts.
  2. It ensures that the angle of our fibers is precisely maintained as our tapes are applied to the mandrel.

With our Automated Manufacturing technology, we can independently adjust flex, torque, and every other variable with a precision that’s simply not possible through any other shaft manufacturing method. That’s why no other golf shaft manufacturers can replicate the feel and performance of a TPT shaft. No one else makes shafts like we do.

Because of the limitations of the roll-wrapping method, the golf shaft industry struggles to improve the performance of its shafts. That’s why year after year, it’s launching new products with bolder graphics and brighter colors. That’s the only way to drive sales of new products that aren’t actually better.

We’ll never do that. Because for us, it’s about performance… not paint.

Our team is just scratching the surface of what we know we can deliver to golfers around the world. What matters to us is helping golfers defy their limits. And if we keep doing that, we believe the rest will take care of itself. We’re counting on you to spread the word.



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