Dive into the worlds of Lō and Hī shafts, uncover their origins, and learn how to choose the one that will propel your game to new heights.

Step into the innovative world of TPT golf shafts. Explore the evolution of our approach, crafted to meet the diverse needs of golfers seeking peak performance. In this article, dive into the worlds of Lô and Hî shafts, uncover their origins, and learn how to choose the one that will propel your game to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, discover the shaft that aligns with your style and elevates your on-course experience.

Originally, our first shaft was the “Lo”, primarily aimed at professional players who have no difficulty achieving a high ball trajectory. However, after studying different playing styles, we thought it might be interesting to offer another profile for players that prefer a higher ball flight. That’s when the idea of the “Hi” emerged.

To bring this idea to life, we worked on making the lower part of the shaft more flexible by adjusting the material and geometry. This allows the shaft, at the moment of impact with the ball, to generate additional energy that promotes a higher trajectory.

However, to maintain consistency between the two models for ease of fitting, we ensured that the feel remains similar. This means there are no significant differences in weight, torque, and center of gravity between the two models. Additionally, we deliberately chose to keep an overall equivalent stiffness between these two shafts to further facilitate fitting while staying within the range.

Although these two shafts are different, they share an overall similarity, with only one characteristic being modified to meet the specific needs of golfers.

How do I choose between the Hi and Lo shafts ?

Choosing between the Lo and Hi shafts depends primarily on your playing style and personal preferences. Here are some guidelines to help you make your decision:

Ball Height:

If you prefer to achieve a high ball trajectory, the Hi model might be more suitable. Its specially designed flex profile promotes a higher trajectory, ideal for overcoming obstacles.

If ou prefer a lower, more penetrating ball flight, the Lo model might better suit your needs.

Swing Style:

The Hi model, with its more flexible lower section, is designed to generate more energy at impact. This can benefit golfers with a moderate swing speed.

If you have a higher swing speed and are looking for additional control, the Lo model might be a better choice, offering a lower trajectory with less spin.

Preference for Feel:

Try both models and take note of the feel of each shaft during your swing. Choose the one that provides the sensation and feedback you prefer.

Consult a TPT Certified Fitter:

The best way to choose between Lo and Hi is to consult a TPT certified fitter. They can analyze your swing, specific needs, and recommend the model that will optimize your performance. Consult our digital map on our website to find the nearest fitter around you !

In summary, the choice between Lo and Hi depends on your game, personal preferences, and swing style. A professional fitting can provide personalized advice based on a thorough assessment of your game.


Shaft Lo:

The Lo shaft is characterized by a flex profile specifically designed to promote a lower and penetrating ball flight. It is initially intended for golfers with a higher swing speed seeking optimal control over the ball.

Key Features of the Lo Shaft:

Low Ball Flight: The flex profile of the Lo shaft is optimized to produce a lower trajectory, which can be advantageous in variable wind conditions and for those who prefer a ball that descends quickly after impact.

Reduced Spin: The Lo model is designed to reduce spin, helping maintain a more stable trajectory and minimize the adverse effects of wind on the ball.

Increased Control: With its lower trajectory and reduced spin, the Lo shaft offers increased control, which can be particularly beneficial for golfers looking to master the direction of their shots.

Higher Swing Speed: This model is ideal for golfers with a higher swing speed, providing a combination of power and control that aligns with this style of play. The Lo shaft may be preferred by those who enjoy a sense of greater stability during the swing.

It is important to conduct trials to determine the best fit between the Lo shaft and your specific playing style.

In summary, the Lo shaft is designed to deliver a lower trajectory, reduced spin, and increased control, especially suited for golfers with a higher swing speed.


Shaft Hi:

The Hi shaft is specifically designed to promote a higher ball flight. It is suitable for golfers looking to maximize the height of their shots to overcome obstacles and achieve better carry.

Key Features of the Hi Shaft:

High Ball Flight: The flex profile of the Hi shaft is optimized to generate a higher ball trajectory. This can be particularly advantageous for overcoming obstacles such as trees or reaching challenging greens.

Increased Spin: The Hi model is designed to increase spin, aiding in keeping the ball airborne for a longer duration. This can be beneficial for golfers seeking to optimize control on the greens.

Maximum Distance: By favoring a higher trajectory, the Hi shaft contributes to maximizing flight distance. This can be especially useful for golfers aiming to gain extra yards on their tee shots.

Moderate Swing Speed: The Hi model is often preferred by golfers with a moderate swing speed, as it offers a combination of trajectory height and control tailored to this playing style.

The Hi shaft may be chosen by those who prefer a feeling of greater energy release during the swing. As with any shaft choice, trials are recommended to determine the best fit for your game.

In summary, the Hi shaft is designed to offer a higher ball flight, increased spin, and maximum distance, particularly suited for golfers with a moderate swing speed looking to optimize control on the greens.

It’s time to take your game to the next level with TPT Golf shafts. Whether you choose the Lô model for a low trajectory and enhanced control or opt for the Hî model for maximum ball height, our shafts caters to every player. Feel free to consult our network of TPT Certified Fitter for a personalized experience. Explore the full range on our online store and embark on your journey towards outstanding golf performance. 

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