RENENS, SWITZERLAND -- Jin Young Ko trusted TPT Golf in her thrilling, come-from-behind victory at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup. Using TPT Golf 18 LKP-MT-SW shafts in her driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood, the 2018 LPGA Rookie of the Year fired a bogey-free, final-round 65 to claim her third LPGA win.

“Congratulations to Jin Young on yet another impressive victory,” said TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “She is a tremendous talent, and our team is proud to be supporting her as she ascends the Rolex Rankings.”

18 LKP-MT-SW: Lightweight, Yet Highly Stable

The 18 LKP-MT-SW offers a low-kick-point (LKP), mid-torque (MT) design that’s highly stable despite its light weight of 55 grams. It’s one of TPT Golf’s most popular profiles around the world because of its ability to fit a wide range of golfers -- from the best LPGA players to amateur golfers looking to fully optimize their game with the most advanced golf shaft technology.

Like all TPT Golf shafts, the 18 LKP-MT-SW is created with the company’s patent-pending, automated manufacturing technologies: the Thin-Ply Technology® and the Thin-Ply Winding Method. These technologies eliminate the inconsistencies present in conventional golf shafts, allowing golfers to set new performance standards.

With TPT Golf’s fully concentric shaft design that eliminates seams and spines, the company’s shafts make it easier for golfers to consistently strike the center of the clubface and create longer and straighter shots, as well as a tighter overall dispersion.

The 18 LKP-MT-SW is currently available at more than 200 TPT Golf Authorized Fitters located around the world. Golfers can locate their nearest TPT Golf Authorized Fitter here.

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