Techno 2.0

Even more confidence

Optimization of an already unique industrial process, an even greater selection of fibers for a greater qualification of their properties… TPT is the only manufacturer today that can say its shafts always produce the same effects. It is by gaining in confidence that one multiplies performance.



Control of the angle
of the fibers within the shaft

Homogeneous composite

2 necessary features for a good feel and precision

The Composite control

TPT Process

No angle off-axing

Conventionnal Process

0° ± 3°

Angle off-axing
≈ 1 ° every 360° rotation
≈ 3° for premium shafts

Off-Axing fibers lead to
Torsional / Bending-coupling
Club Face Angle can be affected

The single flag

TPT Golf shafts

∙ Flag START / ∙ Flag STOP

Standard Golf shafts (Driver)

Stiffness variation created lead to 
Bending / Bending-coupling
Impact location can be affected

Control of the face

  1. Straighter shot
    = longer shot

  2. Better feel
    creates more
    to hit harder

  3. More accurate
    shots allow to play
    softer shafts,
    which increases
    ball speed



  • Tape Lay down
  • Machining & Profiling
  • Winding

Identical Shafts

  • Easy fitting
  • Easy backup

the result
« no spine »

With a properly fit TPT shaft, golfers are going to contact the sweet spot more odten due to its more axially consistent design. They will also likely swing our shafts faster because of their optimized bend profiles. It’s this combination of more consistent impacts and our optimized bending profiles that results in significant distance gains and a tighter dispersion. In fittings around the world, TPT shafts haves proven to provide golfers of all abilities with additional club head speed and ball speed.

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