Shaft fitting is difficult and time-consuming. But not with TPT. 

With our Online Fitting App, you can identify the best TPT shaft models for your players in just a few minutes, saving you valuable time so you can work with more customers and multiply the value of each customer. 

Using our Online Fitting App, an In-Store Fitting, or a combination of the two, your customers will be confident that they’ve invested in the most precise golf shafts in the world and the best shafts for their game. 


TPT Authorized Fitters Generate Maximum Profits

If you’re a TPT Authorized Fitter – a facility with a launch monitor and TPT Demo Shafts –  you can use the Online Fitting App before the fitting to identify the best Driver Shaft or Fairway Wood shaft and confirm those results with testing. 

And because TPT Red Range Driver and Fairway Wood Shafts feel the same, you won’t need to do a separate shaft fitting. The same TPT profile that works best for a driver has been proven to work best for a fairway wood, and vice versa. 

TPT Red Range Hybrid Shafts are now available for in-person fittings. 


There Is No Upfront Investment To Become A TPT Certified Retailer

Our Online Fitting App is so accurate that it can be used to fit a golfer for the correct TPT Red Range Driver Shaft and Fairway Wood shafts without the need to hit any shots. All golfers have to do is answer four questions about their game to identify the best TPT Red Range Driver and Fairway Wood shafts for them. 

If you have the ability to tip and grip your shafts, you can make more profit. Simply purchase an inventory of TPT shafts so that golfers can start playing the best shaft for them immediately. 

If you don’t have the ability to tip and grip shafts, the customer can place an online order for a shaft. It will be trimmed, tipped, and gripped by the nearest TPT Authorized Fitter and shipped directly to the customer’s residential address. And you’ll still profit from the sale by making sure your customer enters your unique coupon code. 

TPT Red Range Hybrid Shafts are coming soon for online sales.


TPT Red Range shafts are made with Continuous Fiber, a fully automated shaft manufacturing process that removes the imperfections found in all other roll-wrapped carbon fiber shafts. With Continuous Fiber, TPT has developed the most precise shafts in the industry and a wide range of shafts that will fit golfers of all types – from the fastest-swinging tour players to low-speed beginners.  

As you know, precision is everything in golf shafts. The more precise your shaft is, the better performance you can create through an online or in-person fitting. And no company can create shafts that are as precise as TPT.


When you buy shafts through TPT, you won’t need to deal with time-consuming money transfers or ask your customers to jump through hoops. Our seamless online ordering portal makes it fast and simple for wholesalers and customers to pay.

With TPT, you can order any time of day and from any location. And when you place an order, you and your golfer will receive a confirmation email as soon as it is received. You’ll also be able to view the status of your order at any time by logging in. You can even edit your order while it’s being processed.

We use PayPal and Stripe to securely accept all major credit cards. Because our payment options are powered by these trusted providers, you can purchase safely and quickly.


Even the best golf shaft is only as good as its fitting. For that reason, we’ve developed an Online Driver Shaft Fitting Course to help TPT Fitters and Retailers understand how to get the most out of their TPT shafts.

And whether you sell TPT or something else, you’re going to want to soak up all 2 hours of knowledge from TPT Head of Performance Jon Sinclair, who regularly works with PGA Tour players on their equipment and biomechanics.

These courses are free for all TPT Fitters and Retailers and their staff and will continue to be launched as we release new products.


Our company’s goal is not to put TPT shafts on the wall of every fitter. We want to build long-term relationships that protect both of our interests. That means the time is now to become a TPT Fitter or Retailer.

We’ll soon be upending the premium shaft categories for irons, wedges, and putters. Start providing your customers with access to the best possible performance today!


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