The Trackman Numbers Of Korn Ferry Tour Graduate Paul Barjon

What does it take to make it to the PGA Tour? A lot of talent and hard work, of course, but world-class distance and accuracy off the tee also helps!

Paul Barjon has all those things going for him. We’ve learned a lot about his game over the last few years, as he has been playing TPT shafts since we launched the company — from the MacKenzie Tour (PGA Tour Canada) to the Korn Ferry Tour, and now on the PGA Tour.

Barjon has been able to do what few have accomplished, winning the PGA Tour Canada’s Order of Merit to earn a Korn Ferry Tour Card, and then finishing in the top-25 of the Korn Ferry Tour regulular season standings to earn his 2021-2022 PGA Tour card in consecutive seasons. 

In this article, we look into Barjon’s world-class Trackman numbers with his TPT Red Range 14 Lo Driver Shaft and 14 Lo Fairway Wood Shaft and point out some of the reasons he was able to rise through the professional ranks so quickly.

Barjon’s Driver Numbers

To say Barjon hits it long and straight is an understatement. TPT Head of Performance Jon Sinclair, who also serves as Barjon’s swing coach, estimates that Barjon is one of the top-50 players on the PGA Tour driving distance.

Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see why. In this session, his average carry distance was 321.4 yards and his average total distance was 345 yards!

What’s amazing is that Barjon has even more distance in the tank. His club head speed was 119 mph in this session, but according to Sinclair, he can easily swing 125 mph when necessary. 

To help Barjon take advantage of his ample swing speed, he plays the Red Range 14 Lo, the stiffest shaft in TPT’s Red Range lineup. A Lo profile makes sense for Barjon, as his preferred angle of attack is up. This creates a high launch angle that necessitates a lower spin rate to maximize carry distance and total distance. In this session, Barjon’s attack angle averaged +4.1 degrees, but he and Sinclair work to keep it at 4 degrees or below to help him maximize control. 

The story about how Barjon first started playing TPT shafts is a situation that has frustrated many golfers. Early in his professional golf journey, he was using a shaft that he loved. But it broke, and he couldn’t find a replacement that felt as good or performed as well. Even the same model shaft from the same manufacturer didn’t feel or perform the same, and he tried multiple models of the shaft! 

When Barjon tried TPT, he was able to regain his confidence off the tee. And he was obviously excited that if anything ever happened to his TPT shaft, he could get a replacement that was identical. This is because all TPT shafts are made with Continuous Fiber, an automated manufacturing process that doesn’t create the small imperfections that are present in all other carbon fiber shafts. 

Continuous Fiber is also the technology that fuels TPT’s improved consistency. Since the patented technology ensures the precise placement of every fiber inside a TPT shaft, the shaft loads and unloads in a more uniform way. This not only maximizes energy transfer, but it also helps Barjon strike his shots as consistently as possible on the club face to reduce his off-center hits. 

Barjon’s Fairway Wood Numbers

If you were to review Barjon’s PGA Tour driving statistics, you would notice that they’re not quite as robust as his Trackman numbers. The reason why? He’s hitting 3 woods on holes where others need to hit a driver… and he can do this because he can carry his 3 wood 295 yards!

Because Barjon almost exclusively uses his 3 wood off the tee, it’s critical that his driver and his 3 wood have a consistent feel. He can achieve that with TPT’s Red Range Fairway Woods, which are designed to feel exactly like TPT’s Red Range Driver shafts while still having a bend profile that is optimized specifically for fairway wood club heads. 

As with his driver, Barjon uses a TPT 14 Lo Fairway Wood shaft, which allows him to take full advantage of his ability to launch his fairway woods very high while maintaining a controllable amount of spin. 

In this session, his spin rate was 2809 rpm on average: 600-700 rpm higher than with his driver. Off the ground, Barjon averages a spin rate of about 3,200 rpm. This added spin helps Barjon make sure his tee shots with his fairway woods aren’t scooting through the fairway… unless of course, he wants to see his 3 wood roll out. In this session, his longest fairway wood shot rolled out to 315.5 yards. What an advantage that is. 

You can follow Paul Barjon on Instagram @polobarjongolf. He’s already made his first two cuts on the PGA Tour, and we’re expecting many good finishes to come from him this season!


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