The Genesis of TPT Golf: A Journey from Innovation to Excellence   - TPT

The Genesis of TPT Golf: A Journey from Innovation to Excellence  

Established as a global leader in advanced materials and composites, North Thin Ply Technology (mother company of TPT Golf), journey of innovation extends far beyond the golf course. Let’s delve into the remarkable story of NTPT through its history of successes. 

In 2003, the launch of thin ply technology marked a turning point. It began with a patent application that incorporated this technology into competition sails construction with incredible Alinghi’s first America’s Cup victory. Following its remarkable success in sailboat manufacturing, NTPT was keen to expand its horizons and explore new avenues for growth. The outstanding capabilities of carbon thin ply technology made it highly valuable, and it had amongst others the potential to benefit two markets: fishing rods and golf shafts. NTPT initiated the development of prototypes for golf shaft companies, yielding excellent results. 

However, the production process was labour-intensive and resulted in significant costs.  Recognizing the need for innovation, NTPT embarked on an internal journey to create an automated production process, thereby reducing the reliance on manual labour. This initiative not only brought about cost efficiency but also significantly enhanced fiber placement precision and repeatability. 

Our Innovations Across Sectors:

Collaboration with Solar impulse : 
NTPT collaborated with Solar Impulse on the first round-the-world, solar-powered flight. 

Collaboration with Formula 1:
NTPT is also actively involved in Formula 1’s most competitive teams, offering unprecedented weight savings and bringing mechanical performance improvements to structural components. 

Collaboration with America’s Cup:
Their contribution to the America’s Cup, particularly in the field of foils, has been substantial.

Collaboration with Richard Mille:
NTPT’s close collaboration with fine watch manufacturer Richard Mille has resulted in luxurious designs and new materials that meet an extensive list of performance specifications. 

Their innovation is not limited to golf but extends to various sectors, demonstrating their ability to push the boundaries of material technology. 

Interestingly, while the founders of NTPT may not have been initially associated with the world of golf, they have a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. They discovered the perfect canvas for their venture in the field of golf shafts. Today, no other carbon tube surpasses the level of advancement achieved by a golf shaft. It stands as the most meticulously scrutinized tube globally, surpassing even on some aspects the tubes developed for aerospace or Formula 1 applications. Furthermore, the subtleties of golf shafts extend beyond technical specifications; they depend on the subjective aspect of feel.