TPT Golf Congratulates Jin Young Ko On Evian Championship Victory


RENENS, SWITZERLAND — Jin Young Ko earned her second major championship victory with TPT Golf shafts at the Evian Championship. The World No. 1 trusted a TPT Golf 18 LKP-MT-SW in her 3 wood and 5 wood.

“We want to congratulate Jin Young Ko on another incredible victory,” said TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “We couldn’t be more excited for her. Our team is so happy to be supporting the No. 1 player in the world and helping her play her absolute best.”

This is the third worldwide victory for Ko with TPT Golf shafts. She also used TPT Golf’s 18 LKP-MT-SW shafts to earn her first major championship victory, the ANA Inspiration in April, as well as the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup in March. Ko’s winning shafts and nine other TPT Golf model developed for golfers of all abilities are currently available at more than 200 Authorized TPT Golf Retailers across the world.

Like all TPT Golf shafts, the 18 LKP-MT-SW is created with a patented automated manufacturing process. Using advanced machinery and robotics, TPT Golf eliminates human error from the shaft-making process to deliver more optimized and consistent golf shafts.

TPT Golf’s innovative shaft manufacturing technology was developed from the ground up with the knowledge of its parent company, NTPT, a Switzerland-based technology and composites firm that’s renowned for developing cutting-edge materials that have led to innovations in multiple high-performance industries including aerospace, F1 racing, and America’s Cup racing.

With a properly fit TPT Golf shaft, golfers are able to contact the sweet spot more often due to the shaft’s more stable and consistent design. They will also likely swing TPT Golf shafts faster because of their higher-performing bend profiles. It’s this combination of more consistent impacts and TPT Golf’s optimized bending profiles that results in significant distance gains and a tighter dispersion.

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