L.A.B. GOLF BY TPT PUTTER SHAFTS The Best Putter Shafts We've Ever Tested

TPT Putter Shaft: Innovating Precision and Performance

In the realm of golf equipment innovation, the shaft plays a pivotal role in shaping the performance and feel of a putter. TPT Golf has set a new benchmark with their advanced carbon shafts tailored specifically for putters. Let’s delve into the technology that makes TPT putter shafts a game-changer for golfers seeking ultimate precision and control on the greens.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

TPT Golf employs a proprietary manufacturing process for their putter shafts, similar to the method used for their renowned drivers, fairways, and hybrids. This process ensures consistency and high-quality performance across their entire range of golf clubs.

Automated Single-Layer Winding

Traditionally, putter shafts are challenging to manufacture due to their thickness. The conventional roll wrapping method requires multiple layers of graphite, each manually positioned, leading to potential inconsistencies in the shaft. TPT Golf revolutionizes this with their automated manufacturing process. A single layer of carbon is precisely wound from the tip to the butt of the shaft in one seamless operation. This innovative approach results in exceptional material homogeneity, providing golfers with instantaneous feedback and unmatched consistency in every stroke.

Stability and Precision Engineering

One of the standout features of TPT putter shafts is the alignment of 0° fibers along the shaft’s axis. This meticulous engineering ensures that the shaft remains stable and true during impact, translating into enhanced accuracy and a consistent feel shot after shot.

High-Quality Carbon Fiber

Central to the performance of TPT putter shafts is the use of high-quality carbon fiber. For the same weight as a steel shaft, you will have a shaft that is much stiffer and with a significantly lower torque. This unique combination enhances speed control and forgiveness, allowing golfers to achieve smoother and more controlled putts on various greens and putting surfaces.


In conclusion, TPT Golf’s commitment to innovation and precision shines through in their putter shafts. By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials, TPT has created shafts that redefine what golfers can expect from their putters. Whether you’re a professional seeking tour-level performance or an amateur looking to improve your putting game, TPT putter shafts offer a compelling blend of technology, stability, and consistency. Embrace the future of putting with TPT Golf and experience the difference in your game today.


TPT Putter shafts are made exclusively for L.A.B. Golf, to know more about the collaboration, please follow the link here.