TPT Red Range Shafts Earn 1st Victory At KLPGA Championship

RENENS, SWITZERLAND — The TPT Red Range earned its first victory at the Korean LPGA Championship, a major on the KLPGA Tour. 

The win marks the first KLPGA win for Hyun Kyung Park, who used a TPT Red Range 18 Hi in her driver. Park recorded three birdies on the back nine en route to her one-stroke victory at Lakewood Country Club in Yangju. 

“Congratulations to Hyun Kyung Park on this important victory,” said TPT Co-Founder Francois Mordasini. “We spent more than 18 months developing the Red Range, and to see it achieve this immediate success gives our team even greater motivation to improve the way golf shafts are made.”

The Red Range

All Red Range shafts are created with Continuous Fiber, TPT’s patent-pending automated shaft manufacturing process that continuously winds its carbon-fiber prepreg from tip to handle around the shaft to unlock a new level of performance and consistency. 

With Continuous FIber, TPT can produce golf shafts without seams or a spine, both of which are present in all conventional carbon fiber shafts and reduce performance and consistency. 

“Continuous Fiber means that our shafts are made with one start and one stop,” says TPT Co-Founder Gerard Gautier. “We don’t have over-layers. We don’t have gaps. And we can do this because unlike our competitors, we’re not making shafts by hand. We’re using automation.” 

The Automatic Improvement Guarantee

The Red Range introduces the Automatic Improvement Guarantee, a statement of the confidence from the company that its Red Range shafts will offer golfers longer drives, straighter drives, and more confidence when fit by a TPT Authorized Fitter. 

The Automatic Improvement Guarantee is simple. If golfers aren’t seeing the same improved performance with a TPT shaft that they saw in their fitting, they can return it to their participating TPT Authorized fitter within 30 days of purchase for a return or exchange. 

TPT Authorized Fitters

Red Range shafts ($600 MRSP) are available in 12 models that will meet the needs of the vast majority of golfers — from the strongest golfers in the world to juniors and seniors. 

They’re available exclusively through a network of more than 200 Authorized Fitters located across the world. Golfers can locate an Authorized Fitter near them at

About TPT

TPT is the golf division of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a Switzerland-based technology and composites company with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for high-performance industries. 

The company’s portfolio of advancements includes developing a process for producing America’s Cup yacht sails, as well as lightweight bodywork of F1 race cars, skis, and snowboards. It has also created the materials technology found in satellites and Richard Mille luxury composite watches. The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” also relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey.

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