Unmatched Performance: How TPT Shafts Are Revolutionizing the Golf World - TPT

Unmatched Performance: How TPT Shafts Are Revolutionizing the Golf World



Golf is a sport that hinges on performance. Every golfer strives to achieve the highest levels of precision and power with every swing. It’s in this quest for ultimate performance that TPT golf shafts stand out. In this article, we will explore how these shafts are revolutionizing the golf world by delivering exceptional performance and redefining golfers’ expectations.

The performance of TPT shafts is built on exclusive features that set them apart from the competition. Their design uses cutting-edge composite materials, offering a perfect balance between lightweight and strength. This combination enables outstanding flexibility, resulting in more accurate and powerful shots.




North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) is at the forefront of innovation, and their highly dynamic team of experienced professionals consistently delivers solutions to sectors with a demand for performance, such as motorsport, marine, aerospace, sporting goods, and fine watchmaking.
At the core of NTPT’s expertise is the meticulous layering of ultra-thin carbon plies to create composite materials that are incredibly lightweight and exceptionally strong and consistent. These materials are the foundation of the outstanding performance offered by TPT golf shafts.



Headquartered in Switzerland, NTPT manufactures its unique golf shafts in Poland, alongside market-leading thin ply prepreg, for which the company is best known. With over two decades of experience in the composite industry and the successful automation of their processes, NTPT has consolidated all its acquired advantages into the creation of TPT golf shafts. TPT isn’t just a product; it represents a comprehensive technology toolkit. 
TPT Golf opens new frontiers in the design of golf shafts, addressing challenges that were previously insurmountable through traditional manufacturing methods

For golfers seeking the utmost in performance, TPT golf shafts are the embodiment of Swiss precision and innovative composite technology. The extensive expertise that NTPT brings from various high-performance sectors ensures that every golf swing is optimized for precision and power, making TPT golf shafts the choice for those looking to revolutionize their game.